The Power of Self-Esteem


There’s nothing quite like springtime in Italy.  Living in southern California almost my entire life, I never really got to witness a full, robust change of season into spring where the landscape seems to magically change almost overnight.  I can spend hours wandering the windy backstreets of Florence overlooking the sweeping vistas of the countryside marveling at the bright colors and how fresh & new life can feel in the rebirthing process. I sometimes feel like I’m walking in a Renaissance painting. 

Coming back to Italy every year in the spring always shifts my energy inward.  It reminds me to take a step back and look at what’s trying to be made manifest in my life, even if it’s a breakthrough in consciousness.  I find the energy here is conducive for me to take a deeper dive into my spiritual process.  I’m always joking that the amazing food is the reason I spend most of every year in Italy (and in fact it does play a big role!), but the truth is Italy is my muse.  The history, art, culture, and natural beauty of this country create an atmosphere perfect to inspire the soul. My creativity and intuition are heightened allowing me to feel more myself, on purpose and providing me a direct line to my personal truth.   

I think we all have unique parts of this world that provide our souls the chance to have this type of expansive, numinous experience.  You can probably think of some places you’ve traveled that make you feel this way.  Maybe where you live right now is feeding your soul with inspiration, but if not, how do you cultivate the environment that allows you to conduit the language of the soul.  Inspiration is direct, intuitive guidance on what your life’s purpose is.  It’s the spark of soul creativity and a reminder of how it feels to be truly engaged and alive. Whether or not you are in a place where spring inspires you to engage in the creative renewal of your life, now is the time to re-establish how you are using your influential power to create the life you desire.  The power I’m speaking about is the power that comes from having a foundation of strong self-esteem.

Here’s how self-esteem works:
Self-esteem doesn’t allow you to negotiate your honor away.  It doesn’t allow you to make self-sabotaging choices that hide your light because with self-esteem you don’t care what others think of you.  And it doesn’t allow you to disempower yourself with a victim mentality because you are humble in knowing that we can not possibly know why things happen the way they do but instead that every challenge serves as a vehicle for personal evolution.  Without self-esteem we can cling to self-righteousness as a substitute and sometimes, even arrogance about our goodness and what we feel like we deserve.  Furthermore, we may even experience anger against the Universe about how unfair life is or exert our idea of justice onto what we think should or shouldn’t happen.   

Conversely, with a healthy sense of self-regard, your very presence is a way of being that stands on it’s own and speaks for itself.  You are centered and grounded in your own unwavering truth, residing in deep faith and acceptance.  There is no questioning why things are the way they are.  You are just creating your life moment to moment, making decisions from a place of clarity.  All our highest choices and responses to life come from a place of strong self-esteem, showing us the way to our highest potential.

Our lives will always give us opportunities and dare I say tests to show us where we stand with our own sense of self. Even small choices reflect our understanding of our self-worth. The good news is that we can all intentionally build a deep intimacy with self.  The time and effort you spend on developing self-esteem and working through any negativity along the way will pay dividends in your life.  It is transformative to say the least.

Reflecting on this awareness, here are some questions that can help prompt you into a more profound understanding of your own level of self-esteem:

1.   In what areas of your life and in what ways have you negotiated away your Truth or your Values in order to receive safety?

2.   What makes you feel victimized in life? What part of your life do you feel empowered the most?

3.  What choices do you make that you intuitively know undermine your ability to be successful (in any area of your life)?

4.   If you were coming from a place of self-esteem, what choices would you make differently in your life right now?  What ideas or thoughts about life do you need to let go of in order to do so?


My intention is that these questions help you glean some important insight into how you are either gaining or losing power through the lens of self-esteem.  In the great words of Aristotle, “knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”.  Sending you all blessings to your individual pursuits of developing a healthy self-esteem, so we may all receive the extraordinary and unique gifts you possess.