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Michelle has led a successful 13 year career in the corporate world before transitioning her career into a wellness & business coach, retreat leader and internationally certified yoga instructor.

Michelle has led a successful 13 year career in the corporate world before transitioning her career into strategic life & business coaching, designing & executing wellness retreats including teaching yoga and growth embodiment classes. She holds a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, as well as an MBA in Finance. Her deep inner work in the field of psychology, as well as an extensive career in the executive corporate world, has given her a wisdom and awareness that encompasses all areas of development. Through her extensive studies and committed personal growth rituals, she has created a therapeutic practice offering soulful transformational guidance.  Michelle is a travel maven, animal lover, and planet Earth worshipper.  She lives part of the year in Florence, Italy, part in Los Angeles, and part wherever her heart takes her.

My Spiritual Journey 

I guess you could call me a seeker…I sought to find myself in the rigors of academia, working hard to earn my accolades as well as pursuing success in the corporate world. Still, my quest continued, spilling into the depths of spirituality and the practices that open those pathways. All beautifully profound and difficult, yet with purpose. I continued looking for answers in the written word of the great teachers, ever loyal to the practices I held myself to.  I realized at some point along life's journey that I had been living my life according to others ideals of how to live a "good" life and when I really asked myself the question, “what do I really want from this life?”, my honest answer had nothing to do with the life I was leading.  In fact, I realized that continuing down my current path would never result in any real fulfillment because it was rooted in fear. Scarcity of time and money had been deeply in ingrained in me. The truth is that I had financial security, but had very little security in knowing how to discover the truth of what made me feel whole and know that this discovery was my purpose.

One day I took a trip, actually it took me… Each day I found an endlessly changing horizon, and each day a new and different sun. Through exotic landscapes, smells, foods and people I found pieces of myself and answers that could not have emerged otherwise. The lessons were silent and gorgeous on those dusty roads, staggering seascapes, and ancient buildings. I found myself in everyone and my connection to those before me and ahead. 

My answer was clear:  I wanted to have more authentic, joyful and rich experiences that would reveal my truth.  Through years of travel and exploring the outer and inner worlds of my life, I have discovered, without hesitation, that the truest part of me wants to share the most spectacular parts of the world with you.  I have found more freedom, abundance and love in my life, living this truth than in all of my years working in the rigors of the corporate world.  I  became committed to living through MY heart and passion, and mine alone and I hope to inspire others to do the same through personal development coaching and the retreats I have created. 

Thus came the birth of Terra Vera, which means Real Earth, the one that I now feel so very connected to, humbled by and in love with. Come join me…a piece of you that you never imagined awaits on the other end of that flight.

With Love and Gratitude,



I believe we are all part of the ONE.  Community supports our lives in essential and infinite ways.  It is important to appreciate our place in the interconnected web of life by contributing to the greater good of humanity and this planet.  We need to be mindful of how we treat each other, all sentient beings, and our environment in every moment, knowing our behavior and choices in the details of life are what matter most.


I believe in living and making choices in congruency with our personal Truth and supporting others to do the same.  Alignment with the Higher Self provides authentic inspiration, strengthens intuition, and provides a platform to live a life of purpose.  Integrity always guides you to being your best in any given circumstance, it’s the ultimate guidance system.


I believe our purpose is ultimately about being in service to this world, leaving it a better place with having our presence here.  It is our individual and collective responsibility to uncover our unique offering and craft a way to share it with the world.  Every day I rise and ask myself, How may I be of benefit today?


I believe that Love transforms your life and can change the world.  Increasing your ability to be vulnerable and open your heart to your passions and to others will lead to endless new possibilities.  Following the guidance from your heart will lead you towards your purpose and support you in all endeavors.

Personal Responsibility

To live a conscious life, we must acknowledge the Law of Cause and Effect.  I believe we create our reality, consciously or unconsciously, and if you have a desire to change your life, then you must be actively committed to your own personal journey of healing and growth.  I believe Life is Here for us and supporting us in every way, and as powerful co-creators, it is our responsibility to create through conscious focused attention and aligned action.