I offer personal wellness coaching and entrepreneurial business coaching in one-on-one sessions and group workshops. 

My extensive background and education in Business and Entrepreneurship, my education in Spiritual Psychology combined with my own journey in Transformation afford me a wisdom and understanding of personal success and wellbeing that effectively guides you in reaching your highest potential.

My area of expertise is focused on but not limited to LIFE TRANSITIONS, ENTREPRENEURISM, and BUSINESS COACHING. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to build your wellness business, a leader who is looking to develop her skills and create a dynamic workplace, or a teacher looking to execute an extraordinary retreat, I am available to provide the necessary next steps, support and facilitation to get you to your peak performance.


The process of spiritual evolution can often times feel arduous and tentative, but ultimately it leads us through transformation into a state of inner health, peace, and freedom.  When you embody these qualities, life becomes a joyful and empowering experience as choices become clear and desired manifestations unfold with ease.   The first step towards positive change is a true willingness to do the "work" and an unwavering commitment to live your Truth. 

My own life challenges have created the deep desire for self-discovery, healing and authentic self-expression in all areas of my life including my work. This commitment to living at my optimal potential and the process that ensued transformed the inner landscape of my being and eventually, the outer circumstances of my life.  My journey has allowed me a deep understanding of how to live with purpose and deep meaning by navigating the path of self-discovery, empowering oneself with spiritually congruent choices, and reshaping one’s belief system.  I am incredibly passionate about the work in consciousness. I will guide you in the sacred process of transformation so you can live in your true inheritance of love, freedom, and abundance. 

Areas of Focus include but are not limited to:

  • How to successfully navigate life, career, and relationship transitions. Making choices that reflect your values and what you want to create.

  • How to build a business from the soul. We will work together through the co-creative process.

  • Healing your relationship with Money. I will guide you in understanding the Energy of Money including identifying what role money plays in your life, how you can release the grip of fear around it, and how to use money as a vehicle for personal empowerment. Gaining basic knowledge of your finances and resources including budgeting.

  • Discover your sacred purpose and how you can contribute your unique gifts to the world.

  • Learn new skills and resources that release fears, old stories, negative patterns, and outdated belief systems blocking you from living at your optimal potential.

  • Understand what personal archetypal energies are most prominent in your life & how they create positive/negative patterns that affect decision-making.

Working with Michelle has been a truly transformative experience! I’ve gained tools that have really helped me with my own personal development as well as valuable guidance in starting my own business. I always look forward to our sessions!
— Donna B., one-on-one coaching client
I wanted to share this with you because you brought me into this mindset and realization of creating life thru intentions! I am so grateful to you... I feel like you helped pull me out of the muck & fog, and enlightened my life. I’m forever grateful. I am finally at a place where I’m really happy and my life is going in the direction I want it to. Thx to all the work!
— Amy H., one-on-one coaching client and retreat guest (Tuscany, Croatia, Morocco)