Group workshops offer an excellent platform for deep healing and personal development. They offer safe space for vulnerability, authentic self-expression, learning through others, and creating connection with like-minded people.   

The Energy of Money
BEGINS September 18, 2019 AT 8AM PST

 This 3-class online workshop series is intended to support you in developing a healthy, conscious relationship with money. And who doesn’t want that? As we resolve deep issues around money, it leads to a greater level of peace and inner freedom. This workshop will guide you into processes that empower you to gain wisdom and control over the financial part of your life. If you believe your issues with money are what’s holding you back from powerfully achieving your life’s potential, this workshop is for you!

Class 1: Understand the energetic nature of money, uncover your own personal patterning and mentality around spending, and learn how to re-establish a positive belief system.

Class 2: How to cultivate the mindset of abundance and how to acquire new skills and habits that will re-direct the financial momentum of your life

Class 3: Understanding and gaining practical knowledge of the factors that contribute to your overall financial picture. Learn how to affect positive financial change in your life in the short and long term based on intentions, goals, and aligned action, including budgeting.  

Price: $149 for 3 Classes
8am PST on September 18, 25, and October 9, 2019

BEGINS October 23, 2019 AT 8AM PST

 This WEEKLY 6-class online workshop series is intended to support the creative endeavors in all areas of your life. Whether you are an entrepreneur or embarking on any new project, these workshops offer valuable guidance, discussion, and sharing of the processes of bringing VISION to FORM. You will have a chance to do deeper work on the topics listed below during the workshops and in-between, creating a heightened awareness around how you are manifesting in your life. You will also have a chance to hear other’s stories, challenges, and victories prompting inspiration and making new connections. These workshops WILL move you forward on your Entrepreneurial Soul Journey.

1)   Vision and Authentic Branding: Finding, owning and sharing your unique voice
2)   Perseverance & Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Spirit: Trusting Yourself & Your Vision
3)   The Energy of Money: Creating emotional & financial solvency while launching your business
4)   Working through Resistance & Fears to reach your Potential
5)   Taking Risks & Releasing Perfectionism: Vulnerability & Revealing the Real You
6)   Committing to your Creative Endeavor through Inner & Outer Practices

Price: $349 for 6 Classes

Michelle Lee’s Workshop on Entrepreneurism & Co-Creation: Where Soul Finds Expression is an extremely beneficial workshop for anyone who is seeking to break through the barriers that are keeping them from pursuing a new business and/or creative endeavor. Michelle is extremely knowledgeable in presenting the information in a way that is easily digestible and inspiring, and she is so passionate about sharing what she knows. I highly recommend this workshop!
— Michelle O., Hermosa Beach, CA